Vote Recovery Town Halls

The Recovery Advocacy Project will be working to host Vote Recovery Town Halls prior to Election Day. 

Here are a few of the goals of the Vote Recovery Town Halls:

  • Here from people in recovery about the issues they are passionate about.
  • Review polling on recovery issues.
  • Inspire recovery voters.
  • Engage + Educate candidates running for office.
  • Distribute general voting information and encourage attendees to sign the Vote Recovery pledge.

Many of these Vote Recovery Town Halls will ask simple questions to facilitate discussion between Recovery Voters (and candidates running for office if applicable) such as:

  • “What is a Recovery Voter?”
  • “What are the issues impacting people in recovery in your state/community?
  • ”What does it mean to Vote Recovery?”
  • “Are voters ready for Recovery to be a single issue vote?”
  • “As a candidate running for office, where do you stand on recovery issues?”

If you want to be involved in organizing a Vote Recovery Town Hall contact

Guides to help you organize your town hall.

The Recovery Advocacy Project has published two guides that can assist in your organizing efforts.

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