Voter Suppression & Voter ID

Voting is a right and should be easy but in many cases there have been measures put in place to restrict voter turnout. This is disenfranchisement and called voter suppression. Voter suppression comes in many forms and can be targeted which can disproportionately impact those living with disabilities, students, the elderly, and communities of color.

Voter Suppression can come in many forms including but not limited to:

Voter ID Laws

One barrier that could impact a person in recovery’s right to vote is your state’s voter ID law, especially for the formerly incarcerated.  For a variety of reasons, there can be extra steps in obtaining the required identification to vote on Election Day.   To look up specific state requirements for ID to vote go here.

Most states that require Voter ID to vote refer to any of the following:

To start the process of obtaining an ID, you can begin here.

If you are an advocate that wants to get involved with solutions around voter suppression and disenfranchisement we have found some helpful campaigns here.

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