We believe in the power of the community to force change.

The Reality


Of people who need treatment don’t receive it.


Americans are living in sustained recovery.


Americans struggling with addiction.


Mobilize Recovery is an event convening of advocates from all over the county aimed to build capacity for organized civic engagement. The event’s purpose is to identify, train, connect, and work with recovery advocates in all 50 states. Each of these selected community organizers will have lived experience with substance use disorders. By sharing resources, building advocacy skill-sets, and taking action as a powerful, confident constituency, we will create change that affects millions of people in a positive way by thinking , acting, and organizing locally across the country.

Mobilize Recovery is an initiative of The Voices Project & Recovery Advocacy Project in partnership with multiple national recovery organizations, Corporations & private philanthropists.

Formed as a not-for-profit, the “Recovery Advocacy Project,” organized under IRS Code 501(c)(4) will provide strategic support to advance recovery through investing in recovery aware and recovery sensitive leadership. RAP endeavors to augment current good work in the recovery focused education, advocacy, and civic space by focusing on essential capital for sustained social change.

The Recovery Advocacy Project (RAP) is committed to giving people in recovery, family members, and supporters of recovery the grassroots organizing tools to think and act locally. RAP is working to build a visible and effective constituency in demand of community and public policy based solutions in response to America’s long-standing addiction crisis.


We are building a wide tent and we encourage all to get involved. Different roles and responsibilities will be available for anyone who wishes to join us!

The Recovery Advocacy Project organizing team will periodically be publishing materials for advocate, in addition to a helpful HOW TO’s to an ongoing Recovery Advocacy Toolkit on the RAP website.

The RAP organizing team has also collected a lot of feedback from grassroots recovery advocates on what trainings would best assist them in their community efforts. The team is consistently working to develop, present and livestream these trainings for both grassroots organizers as well as their community members.

Many tools for grassroots advocates can be found here at Recoveryvoices.com including the Advocacy Guide, Model Legislation Page, and Social Media Toolkit.

Your State Organizing Team also has the capacity to help you develop petitions and letter writing campaigns around the issues you care about.