Recovery Advocacy Classroom

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Recovery Advocacy Project has created classrooms from peer learning sessions, materials, mobilize recovery convenings, and national trainings.

These classes range from beginner to advanced and we encourage all recovery organizers to explore the classrooms. 

These classes are built in Google Classroom so if you do not have a gmail account we encourage you to create one and accept the classes below. Please take some time to click on each classroom invitation to gain access and explore the expertise of some fantastic organizers and relevant materials in each Classroom’s “classwork” tab.

Once you click through the classes below you will always be able to access this content through your gmail account.

Organizing 101 Classrooms

We encourage all organizers within the RAP Network to begin here.

RAP Orientation

Recovery Advocacy Project Orientation

Getting Started

Getting Started: Listening Sessions, Asset Mapping, & Advocacy Base

Grassroots Recovery Organizing Tools

Grassroots Recovery Organizing Tools

Organizing 102 Classrooms

While some advocates do the following classes in order, depending on where you are in your (or your team’s) organizing efforts, you may want to explore by specific topic.

Action Network: Digital Organizing Tools

Action Network: Digital Organizing Tools

Building Advocacy Capacity & State Platforms

Building Advocacy Capacity & State Platforms

Public Narrative & Community-Based Solutions

Public Narrative & Community Based Solutions