Request Grassroots Support

The heart of what this project is about is connecting organizers with one another to share good ideas and assist in building actions and campaigns to demand community and public policy based solutions in response to America’s long standing addiction crisis.


The Recovery Advocacy Project is committed to giving people the grassroots organizing tools to think and act locally. Many tools are already available for organizers and people interested in advocacy work. 


Requesting Grassroots Support is an effective way to get the right tools in the hands of organizers to advance their project. Whether you are an individual that is brand new to this work or have a team of people creating or continuing a campaign, we ask that everyone uses this page to request support. 


There are two ways to request Grassroots Support. Take a moment to read over the request page and decide which request is most appropriate.

1. Team Request for Grassroots Support

RAP Organizing Teams are a great way to bring together individuals from the same community, county, or state to focus on a mission driven campaign.

Grassroots support from the Recovery Advocacy Project to your team can benefit what you are working towards by helping to develop strategy, an impactful team or a campaign timeline. Working with RAP will also give your team access to digital organizing tools like letter writing campaigns or petitions, and access to our community organizing tools, trainings and expertise.

Requests should stem from an identified need in the community or state the team lives in.

  • Teams must have a specific community or legislative ask, such as building a community campaign to open a recovery community center or putting a bill in to strengthen the 911 Good Samaritan Law in their state;
  • Teams should consist of a minimum of 5 people who commit to at least 1 hour of team meetings twice per month to build and carry out the campaign;
  • Teams should work to have defined roles and responsibilities prior to submitting a request for ongoing support, such as a volunteer committee chair, volunteer committee co-chair, secretary, communication liaison, and an action network manager

Work with your team members to submit a request for Grassroots Support.

2. Recovery Organizer Coaching (ROC) Program

The Recovery Organizer Coaching (ROC) Program is an initiative from the Recovery Advocacy Project that focuses on the value of one on one coaching.

Individuals can request one on one coaching sessions (on Zoom) from skilled RAP community organizers for a number of reasons relating to local community organizing including:

  • Help identify barriers in one’s community organizing efforts.
  • Get started on your advocacy journey.
  • Pair recovery community organizers with the appropriate advocacy tools or classroom developed by the Recovery Advocacy Project.
  • Improve the recovery community organizer’s ability to build effective teams and local campaigns including leadership from marginalized individuals and communities.
  • Help you build a team, strategy, or determine appropriate targets for your organizing needs.
  • Learning digital organizing tools like petitions or letter writing campaigns.
  • How to empower others and enroll others in what you are organizing, especially with intention of marginalized communities.
  • Self care for the recovery community organizer to prevent advocacy burnout.

These sessions are meant to focus specifically on issues relating to community organizing. Individuals can request up to three organizing sessions per request.

How to request one on one coaching sessions

  1. Fill out the request form
  2. Based on availability, a Recovery Advocacy Project – Organizing Coach will contact you and schedule sessions.

While the Recovery Advocacy Project team reviews your submission we ask that you review content related to your request in Recovery Advocacy Classroom.