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The Recovery Advocacy Project (RAP) is now accepting applications for state Organizing Teams. All are encouraged to apply. All RAP volunteer organizers in the past are required to reapply for the 2021 – 2022 volunteer term.

Leadership applications are currently closed and will reopen next year.

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2021 State Organizing Teams

The Recovery Advocacy Project is working to empower all individuals passionate about recovery to apply to their State’s Organizing Team. 

Your State Organizing Team strives to be an inclusive and diverse group of new and seasoned individuals that work together to listen to people in all pathways of Recovery including Harm Reduction, as well as family members and others that provide support to people in Recovery in your State.

Team goals include identifying unifying campaigns to rally around; incorporating and lifting up voices that traditionally go unheard.

Also, Teams provide organizing tools, as well as guidance for community or legislative based solutions, towards those issues for the grassroots community to take action.

RAP believes a diverse team, full of unique life experiences and perspectives, fosters vibrant and creative campaigns and solutions. RAP has a goal of diversity and inclusivity on all levels for a stronger, unified movement.

This will be a one year volunteer commitment.

Please take the time to read over the roles and commitments, apply, and encourage others in your network that could potentially be good additions to any state team to apply. 

All are welcome.

Role and commitment

Volunteerism in any growing advocacy movement requires responsibilities of stewardship. A stewardship is the caring for something that is larger than any one individual. 

The RAP state Organizing Teams will be focused on the movement/issues rather than any individual advocate. RAP Organizing Teams prioritize what is being maintained and not on the person(s) doing the maintaining. Team members should put the communities they are organizing and grassroots advocates in their state first, and work to empower others to grow and thrive as community organizers.
The following is a list of roles and commitments to consider before applying to be a part of your state’s RAP Organizing Team

2021 Application Closed

We are no longer accepting applications to join the 2021 State Organizing Teams.