Family Caucus

Welcome to the Family Caucus, a Recovery Advocacy Project initiative that was …

Family members play an integral role in building a strong recovery advocacy movement. The Family Caucus (FC) is an idea that came to fruition after Mobilize Recovery 2021. It is an intentional collaboration with Partnership to End Addiction to provide a space for education, collaboration, and organizing to family members that want to have an impact on advocacy in their communities. FC members also have access to advocacy tools and ongoing support from both the Recovery Advocacy Project and Partnership to End Addiction.

Virtual meetings are held monthly. Our inaugural year focus was education on issues surrounding substance use to ensure that all family members had a similar starting base of knowledge. FC is lucky to have many members that are subject matter experts on specific topics and they presented in various sessions.

The Family Caucus has conducted education sessions in the following areas:

  • Harm reduction
  • The role that grief and emotions can play in advocacy
  • How Fentanyl is impacting drug policy and legislation – pros and cons
  • WRAP

The definition of “family” can look different for everyone, so regardless of your definition, all impacted family members are welcome to join the Family Caucus.